Hello world!


I proudly announce that there is another Oracle DBA and Apps DBA related stuff blog born today held by Andrejs Karpovs – Oracle Apps DBA with three years of working experience in this area. The main reason I’ve started blogging is to share the interesting issues I faced during my daily work and of course best practises and solutions also. That’s where the name of the blog come from – “a DBA day”. DBA’s have many interesting work days in their life so I hope to update the blog quite often :). I will be very happy if someone finds it useful and shares his opinions on the subject. If you want to find out some more information about the author, please visit ‘About’ page. Probably that’s all and enough for the first post,

Happy reading!


Andrejs Karpovs.


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Hi Marko,

    I am glad you are here 🙂 Thanks!
    I have some things to blog about regarding Clusterware.
    Stay tuned 🙂


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